Azure Migration

If you’re looking to migrate existing BizTalk integration to the cloud we may be able to help.

It may be that you’re simply looking to make use of IaaS to lift and shift your existing BizTalk applications. Perhaps you’d like to take the opportunity to move to BizTalk 2020, which enables support from Microsoft until 2030.

Another option, is for a re-design of your integration functionality as a modern cloud-first implementation, leveraging the benefits of Azure’s excellent PaaS integration toolset:

  • Service Bus
  • Event Grid
  • API Management
  • Logic Apps
  • Azure / Durable Functions
  • Data Factory

Migrating significant existing BizTalk functionality to Azure PaaS in not a simple task. However, having worked with several clients on such migrations since 2018, we’ve trodden many paths and learned those likely to lead to success as well as failure. In addition to software development using the tools listed above, our experience covers the network architecture into which the components are deployed. Such designs must consider the balance between Microsoft’s “best practice” recommendations  as well as ongoing financial cost.

Key to success with any migration is the level of automation and repeatability in your test and release process. This is why Azure Bicep and Azure DevOps pipelines form the foundation of our Azure PaaS delivery.