Support agreement

BizTalk solutions are often implemented by specialists. Once delivered, the solution provides a critical service to the business and one of the great strengths of well designed BizTalk solutions is their stability in operation. However, your business needs assurance that any problems can be investigated and resolved before they develop into major issues.

Business as usual

A support agreement with BizTalkers will provide the assurance you need. After engaging with a new client to provide ongoing support of a BizTalk platform, we run through the following steps at a minimum, to ensure a baseline maintainable environment:

  • Detailed study of existing BizTalk applications and infrastructure, findings documented

  • Ensure existing functionality is covered by sufficient automated unit and integration tests, if not then tests are developed

  • Ensure a working continuous integration process is in place. Code changes should result in the following automated steps:

    • Source code compiled

    • Unit tests executed

    • BizTalk applications deployed to test server(s)

    • Integration tests executed

Should you choose to take out a support agreement with us, you can be sure of our efforts to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Shared expertise

Because we each specialize in BizTalk, our shared experience covers all of the most common problems encountered with the platform – and many of the less common!